Sunday, November 2, 2008

The New Blink Dagger, Lothar's Edge, Diffusal Blade


Kelen's Blink Dagger

Can teleport 1200 range
Cannot be used if damaged by a hero over the last 3 seconds.
15 second cooldown
Cannot be used by vengeful and pudge.

What do I think?

I think that it was a great buff. You can now escape even if you are being killed by the creeps. And now only heroes can interrupt it. Adn the reduce of cooldown is more great because that it can be more spam but the bad side to this is that it can be spammed again. Like the previous Blink Dagger. It can be spammed and can be used to escape but nerfed and nerfed until icefrog get the taste of players to use Dagger again.

Lothar`s Edge

Lothar's Edge

Mithril Hammer
Lothar`s Edge Recipe Scroll

+38 Damage
+ 10 Attack Speed
Wind Walk (Active, 9 duration, 20 cd, 75 manacost, 20% ms bonus)

What do I think?

I think that this is a nerf, nerf to agi heroes. The nerf of agi is really bad for nevermore because of this is his core item. But on the other side icefrog buff Diffusal blade which I think to be the next one to be spammed by agi heroes. The damage given by Lothar's is a decent move by icefrog. He should equalize this to dagger because it is used by escaping not to gank. It can help to gank but sometimes theres a small chance.

Diffusal Blade

Diffusal Blade

Blades of Alacrity (2x)
Robe of the Magi
Diffusal Blade Recipe Scroll

+6 Intelligence, +25 Agility
Charged: Purge
10 Charges 600 Range
4 Second Duration 12
Second Cooldown
Passive: Feedback
20 Mana Burned per Attack to Heroes

What do I think?

The one where the alacrity of Lothar's thrown to. This is(I think) a great buff to a item that is being ignored for so long. I now always use this to agi heroes that do not have any orb effects. I used this to Nevermore and it is really great. The agi and int is realy balanced in the way sing this item. The 20 Mana burn is really awesome buff too. For now this Item is the best for agi heroes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ang Formula for Attack Speed to the Attack Animation(Theorem)

Formula for Attack Speed to the Attack Animation Time(Theorem)

Okay this is how to get your attack animation time.

First know your AS.

If you have a 30 agi. (30 agi= 30% AS)(1 agi=1% AS)

Okay then if you have an item or skill that gives you +AS%. For example. You have +15% AS. Add that to the agi that you computed earlier.


30% + 15% = 45%

After this you must divide the percentage to 100%.


45%/100% = 0.45

Then subtract 1.7 (attack time when you don't have stats) to the result.


1.7 - 0.45 = 1.25

Then 1.25 is your attack time from your AS.

Well this is just a theorem. If you believe in this just do and compute it. I am not that 100% sure about this so I will let you judge.
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